It’s Time For The European Union To Wake Up And Unite

why-do-we-see-such-a-diverse-worldIn the News: (Interview with EU Commissioner Gunter Verheugen from Spiegel): There is crisis everywhere. That is also true for the crown jewels of European industry – in chemicals and mechanical engineering, for example. Economic indicators point to production dropping by 12 percent in comparison with last year. The latest EU growth forecasts predict that the economy will shrink by 1.9 percent in 2009… But no one really knows how long this crisis will last.

My Comment: It’s time for Europe to wake up and unite, based on the principles of globality, integration, equality, and a mutual guarantee. Therein lies Europe’s salvation. Otherwise it will be torn apart by the Nazi regimes that will emerge. And there isn’t much time left…

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Shift Your Development From The Evil Path To The Good Path

machsomA question I received: I really like watching your shows and reading your books. I hope that Vanga and other prophets were wrong, and Kabbalah is the true teaching. Is this so?

My Answer: The only way you will know for sure that Kabbalah is a true teaching is by revealing the Upper World, rather than by listening to me. Don’t believe me or anyone else.

I’m not interested in prophets because if the prophet is real, he predicts what will happen as planned by nature (how things will advance by the path of suffering – Beito). However, we have the opportunity to advance on our own (by the good path – Ahishena).

Therefore, I don’t pay any attention to prophecies and I always try to shift the path of my development from the evil path to the good path.

And this is exactly why the science of Kabbalah was given to us. In our times, Kabbalah is revealed to everyone, and whether we do it with the help of Kabbalah or not, we are advancing toward the same goal. However, without Kabbalah, we do it by the path of constant suffering.

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Crisis May Spread Worldwide In Domino Effect – Again

israel-is-all-the-people-who-aspire-toward-the-creatorIn the News (from Market Watch):Hong Kong chief flags ‘financial protectionism’ ” The head of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority said yesterday there was a risk that “financial protectionism” could spread globally, triggering a second wave of financial turmoil.

In the News (from Financial Times):S&P forecasts 200 defaults” “About 200 US junk-rated companies are likely to default this year, according to Standard & Poor’s, affecting almost $350bn worth of debt and adding impetus to alternatives to bankruptcy, such as distressed debt exchanges… “We expect nearly 200 speculative-grade companies to encounter some form of financial distress, leading to default in 2009,” S&P said.

“Currently, we have more than 180 companies rated B-minus or below with negative outlooks. That is where we expect many of the defaults will occur. Among the biggest companies at risk are Harrah’s Entertainment, Ford Motor and Claire’s Stores in the US and NXP and Ineos in Europe.”

My Comment: The crisis is caused by our egoistic relationships; therefore it won’t go away until we correct our relationships. If we don’t do this, the crisis will keep getting worse due to our constantly growing egoism (Reshimot), like a disease that remains neglected.

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Nature Will Soon Force Us To Happiness

matterIn the News (an editorial from Asia Times):Inflationism: Bane of capitalism” Wall Street finance was a destructive force imperiling our capitalistic system through the distortion of market pricing, spending patterns and resource allocation. …The effective pricing and distribution of finance throughout an economy are fundamental to the long-term success of capitalistic systems. …The focus should be on supporting the financial and economic systems toward a path of much less dependency on credit growth and the asset markets.

My Comment: People are still living with outdated theories and ways of thinking. Until they reject them, they won’t be able to shift to a new communications system and to build new economic relationships – and the crisis will not end.

The crisis is a demonstration of how far we are from being a global, integral, perfect society, where each member is guided by the quality of “love your neighbor as yourself.” We have to begin moving toward this state. Our delay in this development, our disparity with nature’s conditions, is what we feel as a “crisis.”

To the degree we will begin to adopt the correct, integral social structure, the “crisis,” or our dissimilarity to the Creator’s quality, will vanish. It seems unrealistic that humanity will develop this way, but nature will “force us to happiness,” and this will happen very soon!

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Ancient Babylon – The Cradle Of (The Closed) Civilization

conceptA question I received: You say that all people came from Babylon, but before Babylon, didn’t people live in Africa, China, India, and America?

My Answer: Ancient Babylon was the first time that a closed civilization was formed. This is why only the people living there were able to reveal Kabbalah; it’s because they were the ones to reveal the “small village” (the common connection) and “the Butterfly Effect” (everyone’s mutual influence of everyone).

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The Law Of Integral Interconnectedness

remindsA question I received: Can you please give a more detailed explanation of the Law of Integral Interconnectedness? What do you mean by that? These are beautiful, correct words, but they remind me of something a psychologist would recommend to a married couple on the verge of divorce: “Love each other,” because then you will be in balance with the Law of Integral Interconnectedness and you’ll live happily ever after…

My Answer: Your question can’t be answered with a single answer. You should read all the materials on this blog as well as other materials we have on the crisis and its correction. Once you read them, I will be happy to answer all of your questions.

I select about ten questions from every hundred questions I receive, because most of them are asked by people who are too lazy to read the older blog posts and others material we offer.

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Who Needs the Torah, The Light Of Correction?

Perserverance Is the Key to SuccessA question I received: In the article, “The Revelation of Godliness (Matan Torah)” Baal HaSulam quotes the sages, “The Creator offered the Torah to all the nations and in all the languages, but they didn’t accept it.” What does this verse mean?

My Answer: Usually a person only feels and is controlled by his natural egoism. In this case he is called “the nations of the world.”

If the point in the heart surfaces in him (the embryo of his soul, the future quality of bestowal and love for the neighbor), then because of his goal, he is called, “Straight to the Creator” (IsraEl, in Hebrew).

So what the sages meant is that if a person does not feel the point in the heart (if he still belongs to the nations of the world), then he does not need the Torah, the Light of Correction, since he does not feel a need for correction.

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