Shift Your Development From The Evil Path To The Good Path

machsomA question I received: I really like watching your shows and reading your books. I hope that Vanga and other prophets were wrong, and Kabbalah is the true teaching. Is this so?

My Answer: The only way you will know for sure that Kabbalah is a true teaching is by revealing the Upper World, rather than by listening to me. Don’t believe me or anyone else.

I’m not interested in prophets because if the prophet is real, he predicts what will happen as planned by nature (how things will advance by the path of suffering – Beito). However, we have the opportunity to advance on our own (by the good path – Ahishena).

Therefore, I don’t pay any attention to prophecies and I always try to shift the path of my development from the evil path to the good path.

And this is exactly why the science of Kabbalah was given to us. In our times, Kabbalah is revealed to everyone, and whether we do it with the help of Kabbalah or not, we are advancing toward the same goal. However, without Kabbalah, we do it by the path of constant suffering.

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