My Opinion On The Results Of Israel’s Elections

Regardless of the outcome of the elections, the best thing for Israel (for it to succeed in all areas) would be for the four major political parties to unite, and to leave all the small, non-political parties aside, so they’ll stop haggling for their part of the population to receive special benefits at the state’s expense.

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Advice For Beginners

aboveTwo questions I received about studying Kabbalah:

Question: After four months of intense study and reading The Book of Zohar for eighteen hours a day, I felt a sensation of pleasure that’s beyond this world. I was overcome by the revelation of something new. This lasted for thirty seconds and then disappeared, since I was unable to stand this feeling. Then I stopped studying because it was unbearably difficult. My body became heavy and I couldn’t function. Later I got back to studying, but I started having horrible fears. So I stopped again. Please tell me, what am I doing wrong?

My Answer: Everything. You should eat well, rest, exercise, and work. And only once you have done all of these, when you have free time, you may then study Kabbalah. And you should only study in our beginners’ course.

Question: The Creator brings a person to Kabbalah, but this person is still resisting it. He doesn’t connect to the group and is still trying to find egoistic pleasure. Does this person cause more suffering in the world than a regular person, who doesn’t know anything about Kabbalah?

My Answer: No! It’s because he advances down the path leading to the goal, and the system (the Creator) perceives this person’s temporary stops and changes in direction as discoveries of his uncorrected qualities (egoism), in order to then eliminate them.

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We Are All One Family

A photograph of all the Congress participants:


Does Tthe Upper Light Bring Pleasure Or Suffering?

Man's Relationship With the Creator Is Like a Dramatic Love StoryA question I received: Why does the sensation of the Upper Light evoke both immense pleasure and terrible suffering?

My Answer: This depends only on your qualities and on whether they’re directed toward the goal. If the Light shines inside a Kli that’s prepared and corrected, then you feel It as goodness. And if It shines into an unprepared, uncorrected Kli, then you feel suffering. However, if your direction is towards the goal, this alters your sensation of the Light to joy, because you anticipate the struggle and the achievement of the goal.

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In The News: Laitman Plans To Take Over The World, Madonna Not Involved

In the News (translated from Michael Laitman is preparing a plan to take over the whole world and Madonna is not involved” The founder and president of the Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Education & Research Institute, Michael Laitman, held an International Kabbalah Congress. In an interview with the IzRus portal, he spoke about the goals and the participants of this event.


My Comment: That’s the mass media for you! What can you do with them? No matter what, they just have to mention Madonna along with any Kabbalist. To them, having a connection with Madonna is the same as having a connection with Kabbalah. But that will change…

Swarms Of Locusts Destroy Vegetation Out Of Happiness From Being In A Flock

beesIn the News (from Science Daily):How A Brain Chemical Changes Locusts From Harmless Grasshoppers To Swarming Pests.” A collaboration between a team of scientists has identified an increase in the chemical serotonin [the “happiness hormone”] in specific parts of the insects’ nervous system as initiating the key changes in behavior that cause them to swarm… Vast swarms containing billions of locusts (grasshoppers that swarm) stretching over many square kilometers continue to inflict severe economic hardship on parts of Africa and China. In November 2008 swarms six kilometers (3.7 miles) long plagued Australia.

My Comment: The grasshoppers feel happy from being in a flock. This is the reason for their behavior, whereas the food is secondary. If the locusts stop feeling happy from working in a flock, they will stop destroying the vegetation. But this unconscious need for serotonin cannot be destroyed. These “plagues of Egypt” will disappear only when man rises above nature and begins to accumulate the feeling of happiness. This will affect all the lower levels of nature, and then the plagues will vanish.

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