Swarms Of Locusts Destroy Vegetation Out Of Happiness From Being In A Flock

beesIn the News (from Science Daily):How A Brain Chemical Changes Locusts From Harmless Grasshoppers To Swarming Pests.” A collaboration between a team of scientists has identified an increase in the chemical serotonin [the “happiness hormone”] in specific parts of the insects’ nervous system as initiating the key changes in behavior that cause them to swarm… Vast swarms containing billions of locusts (grasshoppers that swarm) stretching over many square kilometers continue to inflict severe economic hardship on parts of Africa and China. In November 2008 swarms six kilometers (3.7 miles) long plagued Australia.

My Comment: The grasshoppers feel happy from being in a flock. This is the reason for their behavior, whereas the food is secondary. If the locusts stop feeling happy from working in a flock, they will stop destroying the vegetation. But this unconscious need for serotonin cannot be destroyed. These “plagues of Egypt” will disappear only when man rises above nature and begins to accumulate the feeling of happiness. This will affect all the lower levels of nature, and then the plagues will vanish.

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