In The News: Laitman Plans To Take Over The World, Madonna Not Involved

In the News (translated from Michael Laitman is preparing a plan to take over the whole world and Madonna is not involved” The founder and president of the Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Education & Research Institute, Michael Laitman, held an International Kabbalah Congress. In an interview with the IzRus portal, he spoke about the goals and the participants of this event.


My Comment: That’s the mass media for you! What can you do with them? No matter what, they just have to mention Madonna along with any Kabbalist. To them, having a connection with Madonna is the same as having a connection with Kabbalah. But that will change…

One Comment

  1. At the moment, Madonna’s name is used to sell articles about Kabbalah.
    Soon, Kabbalah’s name will be used to sell articles about Madonna.

    So tell us Rav, what can we do with them? If I could give them a soul they’d sell it!

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