Social Networks On The Verge Of Extinction?

social networkIn the News (translated from Infox): In times of crisis, the large social networks are having a harder time attracting investors. They haven’t had time to develop an efficient business model, yet it’s very costly to support support networks. Projects that still haven’t brought profit to the investors are having a tough time during the financial crisis. Even Facebook is on a verge of losing financing.

My Comment: People today need something different than what the “social networks” have been doing until now. If these networks don’t shift to integration and globalization and become a means of uniting humanity based on mutuality, equality, bestowal, and love – in other words, if they remain opposite to Nature and what It requires of us today – they will “go extinct,” just like the dinosaurs.

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Spiritual Attainment Engages A New Sense And A New Mind

Two questions I received on consciousness:

Question: Once we acquire the sixth sense, come out into the spiritual worlds, and cross the Machsom, will our physical brain start taking part in the attainment? If our five senses’ reaction to the Light is reflected in the brain, how will this happen with the sixth sense?

My Answer: You will engage a new sense and a new mind, which will supplement and expand your corporeal senses and mind. It’s impossible to convey this, but every person is able to feel this.

Question: Albert Einstein – possibly the greatest genius of all time, said that matter is energy, that energy is fluctuating atoms, and atoms are composed of quarks (quantum physics), and then there’s consciousness. Does this mean that consciousness is also energy?

My Answer: Matter is an external manifestation of the desire, or its shell. Consciousness is the desire’s perception of itself, of its own existence. In Kabbalah matter designates the desire – the only thing created by the Light, by pleasure.

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The State Of Kabbalah Is Almost Here!

Lately I’ve received many questions about the progress with creating our worldwide Kabbalistic virtual community. To answer these questions, I suggest watching the presentation of the “State of Kabbalah” project that our Internet department gave during the Congress.

Kabbalah Is About Bringing Light Into The World

All the Prophets Wrote About UsThree questions I received on the dissemination of Kabbalah:

Question: I get this feeling that dissemination isn’t just something you do to get more people to find out about Kabbalah, but by disseminating you are actually developing the quality of bestowal inside of you. So it’s more necessary to the person doing the dissemination (for his inner development) than to anyone else (even though everything is interconnected). And I also get the feeling that it’s not the method of Kabbalah in and of itself that’s being disseminated (though that as well), but the Light that has already appeared within you. Am I right?

My Answer: You just gave a simple and correct explanation of the purpose of Kabbalah’s dissemination!

Question: How are people supposed to feel after watching our media?

My Answer: Depending on the consumer, it can range from tears of joy to hatred (with indifference falling right in the middle).

Question: Which topics should be illuminated by our media?

My Answer: Only the method of revealing the Creator, because only fulfillment by the Light will give us the eternal and perfect existence.

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There Is No Unified Opinion On How To Overcome The Crisis

bodyIn the News (translated from BBCRussian): Paul Wolfowitz, the former head of the World Bank said, “It’s one matter to understand how to battle the crisis, and it’s an entirely different matter to find a unified approach. Much was done in Davos to coordinate activities between different countries, but they still don’t know how to battle the crisis. The next meeting will be held in April and I hope they will be able to develop a coordinated policy. However, it’s necessary to admit that there is no unified opinion on how to overcome the crisis. Some leader will stand up and say, “I will take care of my citizens, I will impose custom tariffs and protect my market, and I will subsidize our economy so it will survive” – and if everyone will do this, no one will survive!”

My Comment: The crisis is only a symptom of our imbalance with Nature, which is global and integral. There are two paths we can take from here:

  • Move toward harmony with Nature by uniting with each other, which will bring us goodness as a result, or
  • Move toward even greater imbalance with Nature by disconnecting with each other, and going through even more suffering as a result.

The choice is ours.

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