Kabbalah Is About Bringing Light Into The World

All the Prophets Wrote About UsThree questions I received on the dissemination of Kabbalah:

Question: I get this feeling that dissemination isn’t just something you do to get more people to find out about Kabbalah, but by disseminating you are actually developing the quality of bestowal inside of you. So it’s more necessary to the person doing the dissemination (for his inner development) than to anyone else (even though everything is interconnected). And I also get the feeling that it’s not the method of Kabbalah in and of itself that’s being disseminated (though that as well), but the Light that has already appeared within you. Am I right?

My Answer: You just gave a simple and correct explanation of the purpose of Kabbalah’s dissemination!

Question: How are people supposed to feel after watching our media?

My Answer: Depending on the consumer, it can range from tears of joy to hatred (with indifference falling right in the middle).

Question: Which topics should be illuminated by our media?

My Answer: Only the method of revealing the Creator, because only fulfillment by the Light will give us the eternal and perfect existence.

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  1. Where are other Kabbalists?

    Dear Rav,
    The Kabbalah you teach articulates a unified system that if implemented fully will make the world a better place. But it seems on the surface that Kabbalists (meaning other Kabbalah groups) have different view else they will be with you.
    I have heard you say that BB is the only Kabbalah group that disseminates and teaches this authentic method. And I wonder why that is so given that you are not the only one that studied with Rabbash. Are there other Kabbalah groups that are headed by other Rabbash students (who are also Kabbalists) that support you, and if so why is it that we don’t have joint congresses with them or do we?

    Moreover, there seem to be disagreement among Kabbalists regarding which method is best or more effective for one’s correction. If so, why? And Wouldn’t it be more effective if all Kabbalists first agree and unify under one method before presenting it to the world and why is it that you (BB) are the only one that is offering this method?

    In life people of the same profession from different organizations sometimes meet to discuss and fine tune the tools of their trade. Besides it is said that, “Two Heads are Better than One.” Is BB and other Kabbalah groups engaged in this sort of activity jointly among or with the students? It may be worth looking into for better and more effective dissemination. Thank you.

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