There Is No Unified Opinion On How To Overcome The Crisis

bodyIn the News (translated from BBCRussian): Paul Wolfowitz, the former head of the World Bank said, “It’s one matter to understand how to battle the crisis, and it’s an entirely different matter to find a unified approach. Much was done in Davos to coordinate activities between different countries, but they still don’t know how to battle the crisis. The next meeting will be held in April and I hope they will be able to develop a coordinated policy. However, it’s necessary to admit that there is no unified opinion on how to overcome the crisis. Some leader will stand up and say, “I will take care of my citizens, I will impose custom tariffs and protect my market, and I will subsidize our economy so it will survive” – and if everyone will do this, no one will survive!”

My Comment: The crisis is only a symptom of our imbalance with Nature, which is global and integral. There are two paths we can take from here:

  • Move toward harmony with Nature by uniting with each other, which will bring us goodness as a result, or
  • Move toward even greater imbalance with Nature by disconnecting with each other, and going through even more suffering as a result.

The choice is ours.

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