Social Revolts Are Another Symptom Of The Global Crisis

War Is No SolutionIn the News (from Times Online):New age of rebellion and riot stalks Europe” It is, some say, just the beginning: 2009 could become another 1968 – a new age of rebellion. The LSE economist Robert Wade warned that large-scale civil unrest was on the way, “It will be caused by the rise of general awareness throughout Europe, America and Asia that hundreds and millions of people in rich and poor countries are experiencing rapidly falling consumption standards; that the crisis is getting worse, not better, and that it has escaped the control of public authorities, national and international.”

In the News (from The Telegraph):1,000 immigrants break out of detention centre on Italian island of Lampedusa” The immigrants marched out of the detention centre in protest at their treatment by Italian authorities. They headed towards the town hall in Lampedusa town, the main settlement on the island after forcing open the gates of the camp.

My Comment: In the article “The Last Generation,” written in 1930, Baal HaSulam describes how governments will use force to pacify the people, to repress hungry hordes moving from Asia to better-fed Europe, and use weapons of mass destruction…

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Countries Are Starting A Global Trade War

trade warsIn the News: (from APP): As Group of Seven finance ministers prepare to meet in Rome this weekend, officials from Tokyo to Berlin are signaling their concern that a “Buy American” clause in a U.S. stimulus package marks the first shot of an international trade war. … The fear is that unless checked, governments will repeat the mistake made in the Great Depression when protectionism choked global trade and prolonged the economic slump… The “Buy American” clause in the stimulus package moving through the U.S. Congress would require steel and other goods used in infrastructure projects to be made in the U.S… A November commitment by leaders of the Group of 20 not to establish new trade barriers was ignored within a month as Russia increased duties on automobile imports, China reintroduced tax breaks for exporters, and India imposed caps on steel imports.

In the News (from Elnotes):In Hong Kong, a second wave of financial crisis is predicted” According to Joseph Yam, a second wave of crisis may be a growing phenomenon triggered by financial protectionism, which is to replace the practice of trade protectionism and threatens to take on a global nature. This is a “freezing” of foreign financial and investment channels as a means of protecting national economies in crisis.

My Comment: Today we have revealed the global, integral interconnection and interdependence between everyone. Therefore, these measures of protectionism and separation between nations will lead to horrible consequences, since they are opposite to Nature’s tendency. Countries should act on the contrary: implement a curriculum about the integral world and remove all barriers from all the communication and trade channels.

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Is Obama The Messiah, The Anti-Christ, Or Neither?


A question I received: I don’t know if Kabbalah views Obama as the coming Messiah, but I believe that the world looking to this man as the Messiah is a major mistake. His preacher for 20 years hates whites. He is friends with Farrakhan who openly hates the Jews. I don’t know if you believe in the Anti-Christ, but Christian belief teaches that this may be the man who leads the world to destruction.

My only question is: is it possible to avoid being part of the destruction that is heading our way? I read The Book of Zohar and have developed a screen. I have a Sabbath meal with my family, I constantly try to do Mitzvahs and, being born Catholic, I follow the Catholic religion to a point. I am very fearful as to what is in store for humanity and I want to avoid it. Any suggestions?

My Answer: The way you practice religious observance is your own business. As for your fears, if you are thinking about love for people, and about how to connect their feelings similar to how they are connected by Nature, through a global, integral connection, then you have nothing to fear or to worry about.

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The Global Crisis Is The Birth Of A New World

birthA question I received: You often say that there’s a multi-faceted crisis going on, including a crisis of science and religion. But what’s the right way to define the crisis: A crisis of what?

My Answer: The crisis we feel and observe demonstrates our lack of similarity to Nature. Everything in Nature is interconnected, and since we are a part of Nature, we have to behave as an integral part of It, interacting harmoniously with all parts of Nature, as one organism.

Therefore, I view this crisis as the birth of a new world, as the breaking of an eggshell and the emergence of a baby chick into the world, or as the labor pains felt by a woman, the contractions that precede the birth of humanity’s new state.

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How To Help Your Child Develop Spiritually


A question I received: I watch the children’s lessons with my baby, play him Kabbalistic music and read your children’s books and stories to him. I try to teach him as I learn. How can a mother perceive when the first spiritual Reshimo surfaces in her children? And how can we connect to our children on the spiritual level?

My Answer: Continue showing your child the children’s lessons and studying the materials on our children’s website. The rest is no longer up to you.

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