Countries Are Starting A Global Trade War

trade warsIn the News: (from APP): As Group of Seven finance ministers prepare to meet in Rome this weekend, officials from Tokyo to Berlin are signaling their concern that a “Buy American” clause in a U.S. stimulus package marks the first shot of an international trade war. … The fear is that unless checked, governments will repeat the mistake made in the Great Depression when protectionism choked global trade and prolonged the economic slump… The “Buy American” clause in the stimulus package moving through the U.S. Congress would require steel and other goods used in infrastructure projects to be made in the U.S… A November commitment by leaders of the Group of 20 not to establish new trade barriers was ignored within a month as Russia increased duties on automobile imports, China reintroduced tax breaks for exporters, and India imposed caps on steel imports.

In the News (from Elnotes):In Hong Kong, a second wave of financial crisis is predicted” According to Joseph Yam, a second wave of crisis may be a growing phenomenon triggered by financial protectionism, which is to replace the practice of trade protectionism and threatens to take on a global nature. This is a “freezing” of foreign financial and investment channels as a means of protecting national economies in crisis.

My Comment: Today we have revealed the global, integral interconnection and interdependence between everyone. Therefore, these measures of protectionism and separation between nations will lead to horrible consequences, since they are opposite to Nature’s tendency. Countries should act on the contrary: implement a curriculum about the integral world and remove all barriers from all the communication and trade channels.

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