The Israeli Elections Are Characterized By Despair

electEditorial in the News (translated from TheMarker): If you ask me, I suppose that the grayish anemia of this electoral system comes mostly from despair – national, individual, collective, personal, and general. It is a perfect, Godly despair. This despair is now our greatest, most real enemy; in fact, it is the only thing that really threatens our existence.

My Comment: Truly, despair is the most distinctive quality in the general mood of our society. In addition to all of Israel’s other “eternal” problems, we now have a long-term financial crisis, providing a backdrop for the reemergence of the old crises, such as the crisis in upbringing, education, the family unit, safety, absorption, lack of a single culture for this nation, and so on.

There is only one solution: to discover that we are a “special, chosen nation,” obligated to bring the revelation of the Creator into our world. We must master the wisdom of Kabbalah and, using it, clearly reveal the Creator to the whole world. This is the only way that we and the whole world will come out of the crisis. This is the path we must choose.

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