How To Become A Kabbalah Teacher

timeThree questions I received about how to start studying Kabbalah:

Question: I recently discovered Kabbalah and I’m developing a big interest in it. I was wondering, how is it possible for me to learn as much as possible, and what should I do to eventually be able to teach Kabbalah? Are there any schools where I can apply to? Do you take on apprentices? Or do I have to try and find everything myself? And also, if there are things I don’t really understand, how can I get help to understand them?

My Answer: We have the Learning Center Online courses for beginners. If you successfully complete them, then you can advance further and even become a teacher – we have a real need for more teachers!

Question: I started studying Kabbalah three weeks ago and I have a question. When you say, “There is nothing in existence besides what is described by Kabbalah,” doesn’t that close off one’s infinite possibilities?

My Answer (and a question for you): But doesn’t Kabbalah talk about the entire creation, including the roots and nature of creation, from which all things follow?

Question: Lately I’ve been listening to your lessons and studying The Science of Kabbalah. The unfilled desires are the qualities or seeds (roots) of Kelim, aren’t they? Is the desire to fill these unfilled desires with the Light (bestowal) a conclusion of the Kelim’s creation? If yes, do I correct myself in equivalence of qualities through my desire?

My Answer: You are assessing and evaluating your state correctly. Keep going – that’s how you will create your Kelim!

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  1. hi so im 16 and i used to be a catholic but now i have no religions and beliefs. and then i found kaballah, i think its quite interesting and i wanna be a kaballist. is it possible for a teen ager to be transferring to a new religion without her parents concern? i don’t live with my parents anymore though, so is it possible?

  2. Hello there,I lived in Philippines,Cebu and my questions are there any kabbalah seminar that will be held in Cebu?I really want that some kabbalist in Bnei Baruch Learning Center will be here in Cebu City,Philippines.

  3. I was just woundering, What is kabbalah about and how do I go about becoming a kabbalist? do I have to leave all religious beliefs?

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