We Must Recognize The Reality Of Our Complete Interconnectedness

laitman_2009-02-03_3Two questions I received on how to overcome the financial crisis:

Question: Can you suggest the most economical way to overcome the current financial crisis?

My Answer: We have to start following nature’s law of correct distribution, where every person will realize himself to the maximum and divide everything he earns into what he needs and consumes, and all the rest. He will contribute the latter to the society, to be distributed to everyone according to their need. We can learn all about this from the human body, because this is how all of its parts are interconnected.

Let each person earn for everyone’s sake according to his ability. Let every person make millions – society will only benefit from it! If we begin to create these kinds of contracts and agreements, if people will use their talents in business and management to attain the maximum benefit for the society, then they will be compensated by the social and spiritual reward – the sensation of the Creator. And then any business we open is guaranteed to succeed!

Question: What can help the affected countries come out of the financial crisis?

My Answer: The only thing that can help everyone is to recognize the reality we have now (unwillingly) found ourselves in – a reality of complete interconnectedness and interdependence.

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