Great Britain Is Raising A Generation Of Bums

bums1In the News (from The Telegraph):Britain has produced unteachable ‘uber-chavs‘” Britain has produced a generation of “uber-chavs” who are unteachable and unemployable, a senior teaching official has claimed. Ralph Surman, a national executive member of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers, said a significant number of young people … are now doing nothing with their lives, have no work ethic, few social skills and cause higher crime rates… They are not doing anything productive and are costing taxpayers a fortune. “It is very difficult, almost impossible, to take these people now and provide basic social and work ethic skills… Unemployment rates among 20-year-olds alone have rocketed by almost 50 per cent since 2003… The rise is vivid evidence of the deep problems in our education and training system.”

My Comment: These young people have big desires, but not for anything that the consumer society, created by the past generation, can offer to them. They don’t want to live just to work. They have greater needs, and when they don’t see a way to fulfill them, they prefer to do nothing.

The only thing that can cause them to become active is an explanation of how they can fulfill their specific desires. Therefore, when Kabbalah will be revealed to them, they will acquire a meaning in life.

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