Even Biofuels Are Out Of Balance With Nature

bio1In the News (from The Guardian):Biofuels more harmful to humans than petrol and diesel, warn scientists” The study shows that corn-based bioethanol, which is produced extensively in the US, has a higher combined environmental and health burden than conventional fuels… With biofuels, the problems are caused by particles given off during their growth and manufacture… Before we dedicate major resources to new biofuels, we should be trying to quantify other likely impacts to society – water quality, biodiversity and so on – and put all of those into our analysis.

My Comment: There is only one way to avoid harm, which is to aspire toward similarity with Nature. The knowledge we will gain when we aspire toward bestowal and love will enable us to change correctly. We will understand how to change our social relations, how to build our trade and financial systems, which industries to develop, and so on.

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