Focus On The Upper World, Not On How Much Money You Make

moneyA question I received: I came across an interesting article, “It’s Every Man for Himself,” depicting the scene on Wall Street this year. Is it correct to assume that the heart of Wall Street, the heart of American politics, the heart of American business – with this “every man for himself” attitude – is what you describe as the complete growth of egoism to the critical point? I work on Wall Street, but in a technical capacity. Should I try to change careers, so that I am not subject to this punishment? To be honest, the idea of working as a laborer / road builder / carpenter seems to be more aligned with the principles of Kabbalah than a career on Wall Street.

My Answer: You’re right: Kabbalists always preferred simpler trades because working there lets your mind be free to think about the Upper World, instead of about how much you’re earning. However, if your specialty is technical, it shouldn’t interfere with your spiritual path. In this case it doesn’t matter where you work, as long as you work in a legal organization. My advice for you is to keep your job.

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