America Will Not Save The World From The Financial Crisis

worldIn the News (from The New York Times): Despite the pledges to encourage international trade and economic cooperation that accompanied the closing sessions of the gathering, the World Economic Forum on Sunday, there were clear signs that deep divisions between the United States and the rest of the world remained. …foreign officials warned that any move toward protectionism would have serious consequences for Washington and the rest of the world.

For all the global affection for Mr. Obama, Washington sent a relatively low-profile contingent to Davos, with Valerie Jarrett, a White House advisor, serving as the administration’s headliner here… “The irony of the situation,” said Mr. Haass, of the Council on Foreign Relations, “is that everyone is still looking to the U.S. for leadership to fix things or at least make things better.”

My Comment: America will not save the world, because it doesn’t know how. It’s just that others will run out of money before the US will.

Diagnosis: an aggravation of egoism, which has evolved into a global form of egoistic connection between people.

Course of the illness: it’s getting worse.

Treatment: since egoism is the basis of life and is the nature of our world, it’s impossible to get rid of it. We must only find the method of using it correctly, so that instead of harming others it will benefit them. Then we will restore the proper connections between all people and the crisis will disappear, since it is a consequence of the wrong connections between us.

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  1. as far as the weforum AL Gore & BONO are my leaders.
    ego is like a contact fuse for the connection on a Universal switch board as a source. Connections transmit the current of life from the source. The actual contacts between connectors are required on both + and – sides to keep the current flow in perfect balance. blown fuses, agitations build steam & are frictions to create… its the dance of form, +/- forms collide, forms dissolve…the source continues as infinite. The source continues to create but the source never dissolves such is our global crisis. If our connectors are bad we replace them. its that simple.

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