The Crisis Will Wash Everyone Clean

we-cannotA question I received: One of the principles of Kabbalah for inner work is the “recognition of evil.” Should there not also be a recognition of evil in the collective? You wrote,

“There is only one single opportunity in our world for us to influence the events: by continuously creating a better and better environment (society) that will influence every person. This environment will change everyone’s priorities from corporeal (receiving and using others) to spiritual (bestowal and love).”

Very true. However, the sound principles of Kabbalah will never be institutionalized because all education, economics, media, government, etc. are controlled by the Federal Reserve, IMF, World Bank and Bank of International Settlements that have taken over every segment of society with the exponential power created by the issuance of fiat currencies.

My Answer: The crisis will wash everyone clean, and then everyone will turn into “good boys and girls.” It’s because we are nothing but a desire to enjoy, and when we feel bad, we can become anything and anyone. We will do anything to feel good, without hesitating to give up all our principles. This is why it’s easy to control us, or our egoism.

You will see something happen that has never happened before: suddenly everyone will turn into “good boys and girls.” People will become altruistic in order to survive. And then everyone will start to understand the higher value of love for one’s neighbor. But people won’t just value it because it gives them comfort and safety; they will value it in and of itself. In fact, people will value it so much that even if you offer them all the riches in the world, they will take them only in order to use them for the benefit of others.

But there is another, quicker and easier path to the same result: we can reveal the Creator, the Upper World, and the connection between us by studying Kabbalah. When people see the interdependence of everything in nature and of all people, they will immediately start to act correctly – and then the crisis will disappear.

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  1. Rabbi, It is a pleasent surprize to see you expose the great International Institutions like The World Bank, The IMF etc. that control much of the United World States and mostly the Money Institutions, and because money is power, they control much of the Social Economic and political Policies of the UN members, The Old Bankers founded these Institutions after the Second World War
    and they help the American Bankers that had compromised with them, but the result was that the American Bankers grew Richer and stronger that them, now bear in mind that competition for them is amicable,and the Europeans waited for their chance to overpower the American Bankers and in 1994 they started with backing the Spaniard Bankers to take over the Latin American Bank System, they acomplish it in only 10 years, and started the New Conquest of The Americas and lately have incursions on the American Banking System thrugh, the Mexican Banks buying American Banks in the South of the USA, now, there is not another Economical Power in this world that can overpower the American Economic System, so make your conclusions

  2. What does kabbalah say about in-vetro fertilization (IVF), stem cell research and fertility treatments for the purpose of pro-creation? Do these children have souls? How are they a part of the collective soul that is taught in Kabbalah?

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