The World’s Sorrows Are the Creator’s Invitation To Unite With Him

venture1Two questions I received about how we sense the  Creator:

Question: When I take part in feeling the world’s sorrows, don’t I accuse the Creator?

My Answer: No, not if you interpret the world’s sorrows as being the Creator’s invitation to unite with Him. If you are willing to help the world do the same, and if you understand that perfection is attained only from its absence, then you will justify the Creator, and in that case, all that remains for you to do is to help the world.

Question: Today during the lesson you said that the lower a person’s level, the more pleasure the Creator feels from the efforts that person makes. To me, this sounds like a groundless assertion. How can I verify this in order to check whether you’re right or wrong?

My Answer: First of all, this is what Kabbalists tell us, those who have already traversed this path. Secondly, even in our world we can see that parents receive the biggest pleasure from the tiniest baby, and the more the child grows, the less delight he evokes in his parents.

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  1. You know Rav, you were right, a kabbalist student experiences feelings he never dreamed of, the oneness and counteraction of one’s egoism through happiness for our brothers happiness is simply imense, “who would have imagined a world that isn’t filled with the Creator?”.
    I am very grateful, Thank you,

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