Inquisition In The 21st Century?

relativeIn the News (from AFP):Afghan editor arrested for alleged blasphemy” An Afghan news editor has been arrested for publishing a newspaper article rejecting that religions, including Islam, were passed to humans through divine revelations. If found guilty under Afghanistan’s law, he could face a sentence ranging from a reprimand to the death penalty.

My Comment: All religions are the same in that they are intolerant of anyone who repudiates them. After all, religion is founded upon stories and interpretations about things that ordinary people have never seen and have to believe in. And the belief is not really in God, but in the people who tell them about Him, in the way they describe Him and the conclusions they make. This is how all the religions emerged. Therefore, if we let religion be our authority, we’ll end up with laws similar to those in Afghanistan practiced everywhere.

Religions would have liked to dictate their rules to the society for all time, and the only reason this ended was that egoism developed and the public was given a new, scientific education. As a result, today religions and their rules are there to supplement the laws of the state and the society.

This is why the religions are so afraid of Kabbalah – because Kabbalah reveals the Creator to people, leaving no room for religious speculation about a divine reward and punishment for man’s actions, which is done to intimidate the masses and extort things from them.

However, religion is still in power in some places in the world, and there we can see the true essence of religion.

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