Only The Creator Controls The World

Don't Starve Yourself - Use the Upper Light InsteadQuestions I received on Kabbalah’s relation to various things in this world:

Question: During the talk about men and women, you answered the question of what can make a man happy when he’s with a woman. But you did not answer the question of what can make a man happy in general?

My Answer: Being with the Creator.

Question: How does Kabbalah explain deja vu?

My Answer: It’s psychological.

Question: Can the deaf, dumb and blind study Kabbalah? What kind of an effect does lacking one of the five senses have in general?

My Answer: It doesn’t affect studying. They should study.

Question: What does the World Wisdom Council that you are a part of do?

My Answer: They chitchat. This is why I am no longer with them.

Question cont’d: But don’t they control the world through different institutions?

My Answer: Only the Creator controls the world.

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