How To Handle Relatives Who Are Opposed To Kabbalah

dealA question I received: My husband and I are both students of Kabbalah. We have created a family together; my husband has a practical profession that affords us a “normal” position in this world. We are happy! However, our extended family (parents and siblings) that desire to remain inside their egoism, insist that we must make greater efforts to gather excess. How should we respond to them and restrain their aim to disconnect us?

My Answer: Gently but firmly, tell them that you and your husband are a separate family and they have no right to tell you how to live your life. Let them see who’s right and who’s wrong in the developing conditions of crisis.

However, you also have to understand them, as they were raised with the principle, “you have to work hard in order to provide a good future for you and your children.”

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