In The Spiritual World, Women Don’t Get Carried Around By Men

goodThree questions I received on women’s spiritual development:

Question: Can the men of Bnei Baruch who are above this world “carry” a woman over the Machsom if she is ready for it? Or do we women have to wait for a certain number of corrected male souls, and if so, then what is this number?

My Answer: Maybe in our world there are men who carry women around, but there’s no such thing in the spiritual world! If a woman is ready for it, she absorbs the force of the men’s group and participates in the crossing of the Machsom together with everyone.

Question: How important is it for a woman to study in a group? My egoism doesn’t let me get over my dislike of the group members in my city. Is it possible to grow spiritually in a group of people who are still so alien to me that I feel repelled by them?

My Answer: There is no such thing as a women’s group. A woman and a group are incompatible.

Question: If my essence as a woman is to provide the lack, then wouldn’t developing the quality of bestowal (instead of the desire to receive) make me similar to a man? And then whom will the men give to?

My Answer: Within each one of us there are male and female parts: the Kli (our desires) and the Light (our intentions to bestow). You should look for the right combination between the two.

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  1. I’m a kabbalah student through your live videos and classes. I’m in love with this process and would like my husband to participate. He says he gets all the connection he needs through davening and going to shul. Can these methods alone without studying kabblah help him in attaining correction? He’s a non judgemental person.

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