No One At The World Economic Forum Wants To Admit That They Have No Solution To The Financial Crisis

realityIn the News (from The Guardian): Shaken survivors of economic blast ask: what went wrong? The mood in Davos, Switzerland [the site of the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum] has been broken as badly as the banks. Few people here will admit to have done anything personally wrong. The failures have gone into hiding, and the biggest absentees are the Americans. There is no real sense of collective guilt, or serious consideration of what to do next, other than rebuild the world that has just been lost. What no one wants to admit is that perhaps there is no solution – only decline.

My Comment: The only way we will be able come out of the crisis is through the recognition of evil and the true reason for the crisis. We will not be able to come out of the crisis by restoring the past, but rather by collectively building the future – a future that’s global and integral. When we realize that we are absolutely interdependent, we will be able to understand how to accomplish this. Until we come to this realization, we will have to learn from the blows that are driving us towards happiness.

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