The First Cell Of A New Life

Dr. Michael LaitmanNature has made a dog instinctively connected to its owner. It feels that its life depends on the owner, and so it annuls itself before him. We, too, should annul ourselves, not instinctively, but by our own freewill by making our own decision, by working against our ego that doesn’t exist in animals, in order to attain the same correct loyalty and self-annulment without any preconditions, just because the upper is my source of life.

We must learn from nature, but there it happens by itself while we must work hard. There are such difficult states that we simply cannot accept this, and that confuses us and erases all our efforts.

This “dog’s loyalty” is not that different from the way a person must subdue himself before the group and it is much less than the loyalty we should feel toward the Creator. All our study and all our work are meant for that, for stabilizing the necessary vessels in us through which we can contact the Creator. We need them so we will have something with which to come to Him.

This is all given to us for our preparation: a teacher, a group, the world, the study, the dissemination—everything that we can think of—and it is all in order to create the first cell by which you adhere to the Creator. It is like a cone. You perform many actions below, and you only reach one point of adhesion with the Creator above when you really enter the womb with the drop of semen.

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According to the spiritual ladder you perform a great deal of actions below, billions of actions that eventually turn into one action at the top of the ladder, and in this one action, you come in contact with the Creator. You turn a great number of actions into one small, qualitative action with regard to the Creator.

This is the only thing that allows us to reach Him. See how many actions a small child does until he can perform one rational action. See how hard he works at running around until he finally manages to do something meaningful where the mind, the feeling, and the motion become one whole.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/20/13, The Zohar

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