If You’re Sick, Will You Just Sit And Wait For A Cure To “Come” To You?

sickTwo questions I received on the correction of egoism:

Question: My egoism is not very developed. I do not aspire to become rich or to build my career. I have no ambition and I work all sorts of jobs for minimum wage. However, I do have an aspiration to get out of this cycle. In order to study Kabbalah, do I have to develop my egoism more or can I study Kabbalah without this?

My Answer: The only thing you should focus on is correcting the egoism that you have. You will then see that you are bursting with egoism! That’s because one’s entire ascent toward the Creator is based upon the growth and correction of egoism.

Question: During the last day of the 2009 International Kabbalah Congress, I decided to set an alarm on my phone that would remind me to spend one minute everyday thinking about the fact that all the people on earth are one Kli. Aside from this, I really want to join a group, but my egoism holds me back. Should I force myself to go to a group, or wait for this to happen naturally, for the Light to push me to go to a group?

My Answer: If a person is sick and is just sitting there, waiting for a desire “to come to him” to take the bitter medicine, a shot or an operation, then is he doing the right thing?

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