Will The Crisis Bring Us Closer To Marxism?

closerA question I received: Wouldn’t you agree that Kabbalah is very similar to Marxism? Are you really endorsing Marxism, when it had failed so miserably in Russia?

My Comment: Marxism failed because the method of transitioning to an altruistic regime is comprised of two conflicting processes that were not handled correctly. According to Kabbalah, you must first restrict a desire, and then acquire a screen (the intention to bestow) over it.

The first part of the transition is to end the old egoistic social regime. The only way to move away from it is by either hating it or the people in authority.

The second part of the transition is to altruistically develop the masses in order to move closer to creating an altruistic society. Marx knew that the tactic must shift midway from an egoistic destruction of the past to an altruistic creation of the future. After all, an altruistic society is only possible if it is built on an altruistic foundation, and in order to do this, it is necessary to prepare (educate) the masses.

What happened in Russia was that Marxism only completed the first part – the dethronement. But it could not educate the masses so as to replace the egoism that was instilled in the initial dethronement, and to transform it to altruism – the foundation for a collective regime.

The only way to change people’s behavior diametrically, from egoism to altruism, is by educating the masses and nurturing the realization that this change is necessary. Only after that can the new society be implemented.

Do you remember how the entire world held their breath, waiting to see a successful establishment of the Soviet regime – the second part of the correction?  If they would have succeeded in this, then the entire world would have adopted the collective regime by now. However, the egoistic direction of the first part of the transition became destructive for the collective regime of the second part.

Conclusion: In our times, the revelation of Nature’s laws is making the need for a collective regime more and more apparent. By failing to observe Nature’s laws, we only draw greater suffering upon ourselves. Therefore, we must give practical and scientific examples to people and an explanation of the fact that egoism is destructive. This must continue until the masses begin to understand. We should not oppose mankind, but its egoism. In the end, our message is unity, bestowal and love!

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