The Root Of The New Economic Model

laitman_2009-03_41661In the News (from Belta):Crisis lessons to highlight 13th St. Petersburg Economic Forum agenda” – On June 6, so-called financial day, the participants of the forum will discuss post-crisis financial architecture, reformation of the international financial institutions, prospects for reserve currencies.

My Comment: What problems were solved at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum that couldn’t be solved at the G8 and G20 meetings ? However, the more discussions, the sooner we will come to realize that the cause of the crisis lies is in our relationships and that the solution comes by examining this root. The economic avalanche can’t be stopped by regulations or laws. People must become connected into one benevolent desire. That is what Nature demands of us.

There is only one method of forging these relationships – the same force of Nature that created our egoism will cause egoism to change into an opposite quality – the feeling of everyone as a part of one system. This defines our common fate, and the method of Kabbalah shows how to produce this realization within us and draw the proper influence from above.

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