Deconstructing The Great Jewish Secret

holoA question I received: I came across your answer about “the Jewish conspiracy.” You confirmed that some kind of conspiracy does exist, but you mentioned that it is positive in nature: that everyone knows the Jews are the chosen people, and they will help all the nations unite and establish a “new order.” My question is: what are the means or methods that will be used to establish this new order? Please answer my question or I will assume that you have no answer or you are concealing it.

My Answer: I am answering your question as quickly as I can, to make sure I don’t lose you as a student or disappoint you by my ignorance. The Jews have a great secret, which holds answers about the future of the world. It concerns all the people in the world, which is why everyone subconsciously hates the Jews. Everyone hates the Jews because on some level, they feel their dependence on them.

However, the Jews themselves also don’t know about their secret! The only people who know it are the Kabbalists. They have known it for centuries, but they concealed it because no one had a desire to follow the way to the future. The reason for this is that people’s egoism was not fully developed yet.

Now, however, the time has come when we have all the conditions for revealing the secret to everyone. The signs of this are the global suffering, depression, the collapse of the old order and the revelation of the global interdependency. However, even today there are still not very many people with a desire to engage in this secret.

From now onward, everything is up to you. If you desire to reveal the secret, you will attain an expanded perception of everything that exists around you, and that you don’t perceive right now. The revelation happens in a similar way that one does scientific research – whatever is unknown (a secret) today turns into a revelation (knowledge) tomorrow.

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  1. I was listening to one of your tv. programs and you talk about 600,000 souls scatter in the world. I read the same in one of your books.
    If every one have to evolve in their spirituality to unite with the teachings of Kabbalah, why 600,000 instead of 6 billions?

    Today I, was sad to hear and see how dare the leader of people of Iran, confuses the masses, with hate to the people of other countries. With 1.000.000 Islams followers in the world.
    How we correct this?

  2. Hello:

    I have exactly the same question… how does 600000 souls split initially from Adam turn into 6+Billion people today? Our human minds may not understand the advanced concepts in the upper world… but fortunately we do understand basic math. So understanding this better will help us get more confidence and move on to more difficult topics.
    Is there additional splitting of an individual soul with each reincarnation? Or does it many of the people on earth today do not have a soul?

    Please explain how we get form 600.000 to 6 billion.


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