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Day Of Kindness

laitman_293.1In the News (The Huffington Post): “World Kindness Day is observed around the world on November 13. It was introduced in 1998 by the World Kindness Movement, a coalition of kindness NGOs. … The purpose of World Kindness Day is to highlight good deeds in the community, focusing on the positive power and the common thread of kindness that binds us.”

Remark: Studies show that performing acts of kindness very much helps a person to be positive, to live longer, to be happy, etc.

My Comment: If we tuned ourselves this way every morning before leaving the house and from time to time during the day spent five minutes in this way—let’s say, four times a day for five minutes—then we would certainly change a lot. This is absolutely justified psychologically and clearly would affect the whole atmosphere.

Question: What is kindness from Kabbalah point of view?

Answer: Kindness means that at least I do not harm others, “Do not do to another what you don’t want others to do to you.” We must live with this principle.

Question: So, what is next?

Answer: Above it is not kindness, but love. In our time, just kindness would be enough.

Kindness is when I am ready to respond to the ordinary requests of a person who do not infringe on my existence.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 11/13/17

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New Life #918 – The Essence Of Falsehood In Our Lives

New Life #918 – The Essence Of Falsehood In Our Lives
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz


In order to reach the truth it is up to us to “move” through falsehood. The concept of falsehood exists at the foundation of creation as the opposite of truth. The lie dominates the depths of nature, on a level that we cannot even identify. It is up to us to try to change our characteristics from falsehood to truth, by developing the right attitude towards others from the depths of the heart.[216785]
From KabTV’s “New Life #918 – The Essence Of Falsehood In Our Lives ,” 11/16/17

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Obtain The Mind Of The Creator

laitman_610_2Question: A person today uses two to three percent of his brain’s abilities. Is it possible to say that all 100 percent were created precisely to work with a complete sense of bestowal and love?

Answer: This isn’t enough. This is only a small part of our capabilities. In fact, by fulfilling others and the Creator, we receive the desire and mind of those whom we fulfill. We completely cover the entire world in all its states.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 5/22/17

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Zohar, Commentary On The Torah

Laitman_157Comment: The Book of Zohar was the first book written after the Torah. The Torah is 3,100 years old and The Book of Zohar is 2,000 years old.

Response: The Book of Zohar is a commentary on the Torah that includes hundreds of volumes! Today only a few of them remain.

Question: Will further commentaries on The Book of Zohar be written to simplify it?

Answer: I don’t think there is any need for it. First and foremost, we need to learn and understand the wisdom of Kabbalah, and to do this, we must prepare instructions and practically implement the methodology in groups.

We see what is happening in the world. Kabbalists write that we are in a situation where the time has already come to begin the final correction; therefore, The Book of Zohar has been revealed.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/5/17

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New Life #660 – The Right And The Left Wings In Israel

New Life #660 – The Right And The Left Wings In Israel
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Yael Leshed-Harel


A person’s freedom of choice is in finding his point of balance, in reaching “love thy friend as thyself.”

Are our attributes also divided into left and right? Why do opposites in nature actually support each other and how can we arrive at a point in which the wellbeing of the state is more important for us than our own personal views?
From KabTV’s “New Life #660 – The Right And The Left Wings In Israel,” 12/15/15

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I Do Not Want To Be A Slave!

laitman_560Question: What is the difference between conscious spiritual work and unconscious spiritual work?

Answer: Unconscious spiritual work is summed up by the fact that all of us automatically carry out the instructions of nature, the work of the Creator. Working consciously means to begin to participate independently, wisely, with understanding, through planning in advance; and then our eyes will open and we will see where we are truly found.

In what way is the intelligence of a little child different from the intelligence of an adult? An adult understands where he is and what he is doing while a little child does not. The same thing happens even in the spiritual world. We still don’t understand or see the spiritual world because we cannot exist within it correctly. When we begin to acquire its characteristics, to the degree that we become equal to its characteristics, we begin to discover it among us.

Question: What does it mean that all of us are working for the Creator? If we are already carrying out the laws of nature, so where is the problem?

Answer: We carry out the laws of nature automatically, against our will. The problem is that you must consciously take upon yourself all of the functions of the Creator and fill His place. When we are in His place, meaning that we adhere to Him and fully attain His relationship with creation, to that degree we become like Him. This is the goal of development that has been placed before us.

Question: Does this mean that I am a slave of the Creator against my will?

Answer: Certainly. You are now like a guest sitting in front of the host and swallowing everything that the host gives him. So you must get up and say: “Stop! I am not interested in carrying out your instructions, except on condition that I will carry them all out independently, with the understanding that I am doing this to bestow to you both pleasure and goodness; I no longer want to be a slave but a conscious human being; I want to be like you!”
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/18/16

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The Work Of A Person And That Of The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the inner work of a person, the work of the soul?”

Answer: Kabbalists call the efforts against one’s desire work.

Let’s say I want to lie down, but despite that I get up and go to work. In our world, this is what we call making an effort. But we forget that if I get up and go to work, this is already my will. It means that I overcame my desire to lie down on the couch and watch football and decided that it would be better to go to work and earn money. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to get up and set off for work to waste my energy there. Even if by overcoming, I’ve nonetheless,used my desire.

That is, I exchange one desire for another because I see this as a clear benefit. This is the physical work in our world, work that everybody performs: athletes, artists, workers, it does not matter who and how. If a person can overcome himself and accomplish something, it is his material, physical work. What if he cannot? Approach with a whip and he will want it.

In other words, if by shaming, condemning, inflicting suffering, or affecting a person in any other way it is possible to change his desire and force him to perform a particular activity, this is called the work of our world. In the end, he’ll want to do the work to avoid suffering.

By definition, spiritual work is impossible to perform. A person inherently cannot do it by himself because the upper Light or the Creator does it for him. That is why this work is called the Creator’s work.

The truth of the matter is that I have to ask the Creator to perform this work for me. Meaning that my requests and pleas are the preparation for Him to correct me—this is my work.

He has to perform the work because the property of absolute bestowal and love are completely nonexistent in the framework of my nature. And in accordance with the way I am created, I am not capable of performing the spiritual work.

That is why I have to persuade the upper Light that I really want for it to do it on my behalf. So, why would this work be written on my behalf? Because I’ve succeeded in persuading the Creator. I did everything for this to happen and that is why it’s considered my work, although it is called “the work of the Creator.” This means that He performs, but I beg and plead for it to happen.

This is the only possibility for a person’s free will in our world, in our condition.
From KabTV’s lesson in Russian 12/18/16

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Convention In Kiev, Day Two – 03.25.17

Convention in Kiev, Day Two, “There Is None Else Besides Him,” Lesson 4

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Convention in Kiev, Day Two, “Arvut,” Lesson 5

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Convention in Kiev, Day Two, Lesson 6

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What Determines The Well-Being Of A Family?

Laitman_506_6Question: What advice can you give people regarding family and children? What is seriously worthwhile for them to think about?

Answer: The problem in family life amounts to only one thing, on the ability to concede to each other. My teacher the great Kabbalist Baruch Ashlag used to say: “The happiness of family life depends on the ability to keep your mouth shut at the right time.”

Question: What does family life mean nowadays when a woman and man can live separately?

Answer: Everything depends on education. In their time, I received guidance and direction from my parents that divorce could not be and that’s that.

Understandably, there can be all kinds of problems in a family, especially when people have been living together for a long time. I have been married to my wife for almost 50 years. People lived this way in the past, while today sociologists believe that when two or three years go by, affection and closeness disappear.

But they don’t have to divorce. It is possible to prevent this only through mutual concessions, not in any other way.

Question: You say that it is possible to avoid divorce, why is this?

Answer: You established a family, gave birth to children, you have to be their father. Things are much worse for children if the father is not present.

Children need both a father and a mother even if the relationship between them is not good. You should be concerned about silencing yourself and not the other. Then everything will be okay.

I am saying this from personal experience. For example, my wife and I can quarrel for some reason, but the next morning we must meet each other with a smile, even if the feeling of yesterday’s quarrel has not yet calmed down and we are burning to prove that we were right. This doesn’t enter the account!

Comment: But this is the wisdom of the wisdom of Kabbalah….

My Response: This is not the wisdom of Kabbalah but a simple understanding that you will not achieve anything in any other way! You cannot change people or the world, I am saying this seriously. Every day my wife and I begin by taking a walk for half an hour and we are always smiling at each other, even though inside each one of us has a load of problems. But during the walk it is gradually emptied; that is how it is every day. But today begins with a decision that what happened yesterday is finished, even externally.

Regarding children, everything is very simple. Don’t preach ethics to them. With words you will not succeed in educating them, you will only push them away from you. It is possible to educate them only through an example, without words. The child will look and learn. If you say something along with this, you will ruin their education.
From a Webinar “The Year in Review” 12/26/16

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