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The Work Of A Person And That Of The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the inner work of a person, the work of the soul?”

Answer: Kabbalists call the efforts against one’s desire work.

Let’s say I want to lie down, but despite that I get up and go to work. In our world, this is what we call making an effort. But we forget that if I get up and go to work, this is already my will. It means that I overcame my desire to lie down on the couch and watch football and decided that it would be better to go to work and earn money. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to get up and set off for work to waste my energy there. Even if by overcoming, I’ve nonetheless,used my desire.

That is, I exchange one desire for another because I see this as a clear benefit. This is the physical work in our world, work that everybody performs: athletes, artists, workers, it does not matter who and how. If a person can overcome himself and accomplish something, it is his material, physical work. What if he cannot? Approach with a whip and he will want it.

In other words, if by shaming, condemning, inflicting suffering, or affecting a person in any other way it is possible to change his desire and force him to perform a particular activity, this is called the work of our world. In the end, he’ll want to do the work to avoid suffering.

By definition, spiritual work is impossible to perform. A person inherently cannot do it by himself because the upper Light or the Creator does it for him. That is why this work is called the Creator’s work.

The truth of the matter is that I have to ask the Creator to perform this work for me. Meaning that my requests and pleas are the preparation for Him to correct me—this is my work.

He has to perform the work because the property of absolute bestowal and love are completely nonexistent in the framework of my nature. And in accordance with the way I am created, I am not capable of performing the spiritual work.

That is why I have to persuade the upper Light that I really want for it to do it on my behalf. So, why would this work be written on my behalf? Because I’ve succeeded in persuading the Creator. I did everything for this to happen and that is why it’s considered my work, although it is called “the work of the Creator.” This means that He performs, but I beg and plead for it to happen.

This is the only possibility for a person’s free will in our world, in our condition.
From KabTV’s lesson in Russian 12/18/16

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Convention In Kiev, Day Two – 03.25.17

Convention in Kiev, Day Two, “There Is None Else Besides Him,” Lesson 4

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Convention in Kiev, Day Two, “Arvut,” Lesson 5

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Convention in Kiev, Day Two, Lesson 6

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What Determines The Well-Being Of A Family?

Laitman_506_6Question: What advice can you give people regarding family and children? What is seriously worthwhile for them to think about?

Answer: The problem in family life amounts to only one thing, on the ability to concede to each other. My teacher the great Kabbalist Baruch Ashlag used to say: “The happiness of family life depends on the ability to keep your mouth shut at the right time.”

Question: What does family life mean nowadays when a woman and man can live separately?

Answer: Everything depends on education. In their time, I received guidance and direction from my parents that divorce could not be and that’s that.

Understandably, there can be all kinds of problems in a family, especially when people have been living together for a long time. I have been married to my wife for almost 50 years. People lived this way in the past, while today sociologists believe that when two or three years go by, affection and closeness disappear.

But they don’t have to divorce. It is possible to prevent this only through mutual concessions, not in any other way.

Question: You say that it is possible to avoid divorce, why is this?

Answer: You established a family, gave birth to children, you have to be their father. Things are much worse for children if the father is not present.

Children need both a father and a mother even if the relationship between them is not good. You should be concerned about silencing yourself and not the other. Then everything will be okay.

I am saying this from personal experience. For example, my wife and I can quarrel for some reason, but the next morning we must meet each other with a smile, even if the feeling of yesterday’s quarrel has not yet calmed down and we are burning to prove that we were right. This doesn’t enter the account!

Comment: But this is the wisdom of the wisdom of Kabbalah….

My Response: This is not the wisdom of Kabbalah but a simple understanding that you will not achieve anything in any other way! You cannot change people or the world, I am saying this seriously. Every day my wife and I begin by taking a walk for half an hour and we are always smiling at each other, even though inside each one of us has a load of problems. But during the walk it is gradually emptied; that is how it is every day. But today begins with a decision that what happened yesterday is finished, even externally.

Regarding children, everything is very simple. Don’t preach ethics to them. With words you will not succeed in educating them, you will only push them away from you. It is possible to educate them only through an example, without words. The child will look and learn. If you say something along with this, you will ruin their education.
From a Webinar “The Year in Review” 12/26/16

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My Thoughts On Twitter, 2/1/17


Before taking any action, let’s first understand the world we exist in. Then, we can create a new organ of perception.

Kabbalah explains: The world is a HOLOGRAM . A structure of 10 Sefirot, where each Sefira consists of another ten and so on.

You can either study the world the way it is or the way we perceive it. The world is the result of our perception!

Scientists: the universe is a hologram. Kabbalah: the universe is inside our mind. Rise above your mind and discover one upper light.

Our selfish nature seizes control over everything. It creates media that is dependent on its owners, and thus enslaves the masses.

The media is in the hands of the elite, and there will be a fight over it. Revealing the evil in it will trigger the correction.
From Twitter, 2/1/17

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How Can We Check The Truthfulness Of The Study?

laitman_282_02Question: If the wisdom of Kabbalah is the only true study, is there a way of checking this other than the feeling in the heart? After all, one lifetime is not enough to check thousands of methods, each of which claims that it is the only true method. What can you advise?

Answer: You can check as much as you like. The wisdom of Kabbalah tells us where everything stems from. You shouldn’t believe any method blindly.

You should work through the sources, and if necessary, we will help you develop them further. There are all kinds of courses, and we have prepared a great amount of supplementary material in Russian. Most of our friends in different countries around the world are Russian speakers, and they will gladly help and support you.

I am not saying that you should leave everything. You should simply approach the study and attempt to solve the question about the meaning of life wisely. You should discover the picture of creation, of the forces that operate on you, and how you can use them while still in this life, not postponing anything for the next world.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 10/2/16

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Audio Version Of The Blog – 01.25.17

Listen to an Audio Version of the Blog
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The Difference Between The Written Language And The Spoken Language

Laitman_630_2Question: In what way is the spoken language of Kabbalah different from the written language?

Answer: They are very different. The written language is much higher than the spoken language. It also appeared much later. It is a language that expresses the spiritual attainments of the person who writes and not his feelings. This is the reason that it differs from the spoken language by which a person conveys his feelings, intonations, expressions, sighs, and so on.

There are five groups of letters in Hebrew: guttural, palatal, of the tongue, of the jaws, and of the teeth. When using texts, all this disappears and the groups of letters are classified differently: the first nine letters stem from the Sefirot of the lower seven of Bina, the next nine letters stem from the Sefirot Zeir Anpin, and the last four stem from the Sefira of Malchut. There are five more letters, the final letters MaNTZePaCH, altogether 27 letters.

This is a totally different tool and a different form of expression of the same forces that are conveyed by sounds.

In addition to transmission of vocal information or written information from one person to another, there is another way of conveying information, substantive transfer, that is not used today. It was used during the time of the Temple when people also communicated by offering sacrifices, which is a totally different language.

Comment: There is a complementation of the letters in Hebrew in the form of vowel marks under the letters or markings in the shape of crowns above them, which indicate where one should put the stress and help a person read the words correctly.

Answer: All the languages lose their basis since they don’t fully convey all the information of a letter or a word, but in Hebrew it is not so.

In Hebrew all the letters are consonants with vowel marks below them which indicate the missing vowels in the written language. There are also different signs above the letters in the shape of crowns which convey forms of musical notes so you can convey everything by such an illustration of information.

In Hebrew there are also many marks inside the letters, beside the letters, and between the letters. They are the subtext that is not conveyed by sounds but by a pause in tone, by raising or lowering the tone of speech. The overt text is the notes and the covert text are the signs, which convey a second layer of information that is the subtext.

Today, however, we don’t use all these signs because the consonants are enough for a person who is used to the language.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 7/24/16

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Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 8/28/16

laitman_599_01Question: Why are we given fantasies?

Answer: Fantasies are given to embellish a lie with a lie.

Question: Does this mean that fantasies are false?

Answer: Yes, as is our whole world, even though it seems real to us.

Question: Must a person understand that he cannot find happiness in this world?

Answer: It is for each individual. Yet I would not say that a person must prove to himself that there is no happiness in the world. We simply need to aspire to true happiness.

Question: What kind of benefit do I get as a result of others or the Creator being fulfilled, but not myself?

Answer: If I am fulfilled through them, this is a higher egoistic system of fulfillment; if I fulfill the whole world through me, then I am fulfilled with everything that I have transmitted to the world.

Question: What does it mean to fulfill the desire of others?

Answer: Fulfilling the desire of others is a means for fulfilling yourself, a means of fulfilling the Creator.

Question: What will happen in the physical world when people attain the highest level of pleasure? Will the population decrease or increase as a result of this?

Answer: Our world will disappear from our senses; after all, it only exists within our senses.

Question: There is a philosophy called Aikido by which the negative changes to positive. You claim that the wisdom of Kabbalah transforms the ego to have the characteristic of the Creator, altruism. Is this a kind of Kabbalistic Aikido?

Answer: The ego remains, we just use it correctly.

Question: Is it possible to call the relationship between parents and children “bestowal”?

Answer: No, because this connection is personal, so what am I bestowing to whom? Is it to myself?

Question: How are “ego” and “light” components of my soul?

Answer: The ego that is corrected to the level of bestowal is the soul; besides the ego, we have nothing.

Question: Will I be able to bequeath to my children the same pleasure that I derive from the wisdom of Kabbalah?

Answer: No, it is not inherited. You can be a great Kabbalist, as were many women before you, but as a rule, their children weren’t receptive to the wisdom of Kabbalah. But in our time, this might be different.

Question: What is the connection between the “end of creation” and “pleasure”?

Answer: Creation is what we feel. When we correct all of our senses, the creation in its present form disappears and in its place an absolutely new creation appears that is called the upper world.

Question: If I am already experiencing the pleasure that you are talking about, must I still learn the wisdom of Kabbalah?

Answer: If you have a desire for it, then study; if not, then don’t. Everything is completely voluntary; nothing is imposed on anyone. The method of the wisdom of Kabbalah is revealed only to someone who wants it, there is no coercion. If you leave the wisdom of Kabbalah, you will not be punished. If you study it, you will be convinced by the reward. It is not found on the same plane on which you are accustomed to seeing. You must choose for yourself. This is wisdom that is only given to those who need it.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/28/16

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Summarizing 2016: The USA

Laitman_421_01Question: 2016 brought a big change in the United States. After the elections on November 8th, the world became new, unpredictable, and unfamiliar. Nobody expected that businessman Donald Trump, who was far from politics, would win the election in his Republican Party, moreover, the presidency. To many this victory seems surreal.

These elections were the most intense and dirty in history, deeply splitting American society. People destroyed relationships with family and friends just because of political differences. America is split in two: the rural American people who wish to return America to its former strength, and neoliberals, residents of large cities, promoting their values.

Trump’s victory caused great excitement among those who voted against him. Will he be a good president for the United States and the entire world? Many people doubt it.

Answer: If Trump won the election, it means that more than half of the citizens voted for him. Why then does the second half, the neoliberals, not want to agree with this choice? They always insisted that they stood for peace and social harmony.

Now, why don’t they agree with the fact that the other half also has an opportunity to do something? They just don’t want to accept something that doesn’t fit their views. This is the only problem.

If the majority of the people chose Trump to be a president, others must agree with this choice and support him. Or don’t they agree with their own constitution?

Question: But will Trump be a good president?

Answer: We will wait and see. To me he seems likely to be a much better president than Obama who caused a lot of harm to the United States. Just look what he did in the Middle East in building the “Arab Spring.” There are continuous wars and devastation in the zone from Morocco to Pakistan.

Obama messed up US relations with Russia so much that there are talks about a third world war. Hillary Clinton, US Secretary of State speaks about world war as inevitable. Is it normal?! Obama’s governance destroyed the entire industrial base of America and doubled the national debt.

Comment: Opponents warn that Trump has no experience in such work, and he can’t lead America to the correct target.

Answer: Trump knows very well what to do. People exactly like him can manage America because they don’t belong to the political system but understand money and business. I can’t call myself his fan, but I think that Trump will be a much better president than his predecessor. Indeed, judging by the damage Obama caused America and around the world, he was the worst president in history.

During his eight years in office, Obama doubled the American national debt and introduced his program “Obamacare” that didn’t work. Look how much the number of unemployed increased since the beginning of his leadership. If the American people chose Trump, all the opponents should shut up and let him work.

I think Trump won’t support the old political and economic system, which he doesn’t really depend on. He will want to bring a lot of upgrades to America and to revive many of the old virtues of America that no longer exist today.

He will probably want to return, as much as possible, the industrial foundation of America in a new updated form with extensive use of robotics. I think he will be a good “boss,” and that’s what Americans expect from him. He won’t just interfere in other countries and organize messes there like Obama did. Judging by the things that Obama did in the world, America never had such a weak president.

Question: Where is our world heading?

Answer: The world is moving in a very bad direction, and it will be very bad if the people of Israel won’t take the spiritual leadership of the world in their hands. The people of Israel must understand that they have a method of correction of the world. It is possible to make corrections in the economy, culture, education, legal system, and family through the connection between people.

Everything can change if you change the relationships between people. It all depends on the wisdom of relationships that exists in the wisdom of Kabbalah. If Israel wants to discover this method for themselves and pass it to the world, the world will certainly want to take it and to reach a new state. Without this we would have to advance to the same result, but through world war.
From a “Talk About 2016 Results,” 12/25/16

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Why Are There No Letters Above Bina In The Spiritual World?

laitman_545Question: Why are there no letters above Bina in the spiritual world?

Answer: In the spiritual world, above Bina there is not any clear writing of the black egoism on the white Light.

That doesn’t mean that there are no letters there, just that they cannot be seen on the background of the white Light; they merge with it because a small ego is not revealed in the form of black letters.

In other words, there is only the characteristic of bestowal to Bina. In Talmud Eser Sefirot, in the section about the origin of the human soul, it is said that the letters are derived from a black point (the characteristic of reception), which begins from the center of Bina.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 7/17/16

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