The Power of the Intention to Bestow

509The creation initially created by the Creator was very small. But when it continued to develop and grow, it manifested a desire to become like the Creator, which was not its own. This depends on the Creator and is called the point in the heart.

This point gradually grows, which causes the growth of the egoistic desire. This is how we develop to a state called 13 years, 20 years, i.e., nominal years of our development.

Thus, we come to a state of wanting at all costs to move away from our original egoistic desire, which we already feel as opposite to the Creator.

We want to become like Him, that is, to change our egoistic desire to receive. But we cannot change it because this is how the Creator made it. So, what can we add to it? The intention to bestow.

This is our task: to receive from the Creator the quality of bestowal, which will be felt in us as an intention to bestow. It is as if we receive the imprint of the Creator upon ourselves. Our desires remain, but they will be ruled by the intention for the sake of bestowal.

This intention, from zero, called the restriction (Tzimtzum) of the desire to receive, will continue to develop. The desire to receive will grow, and the desire to bestow will grow above it.

Thus, in our nature, in the desire to receive, we will be able to grow always in likeness to the Creator since our intention will be directed toward bestowal. In other words, we will continue to develop as creatures in the desire to receive and as similar to the Creator in the intention to bestow.

This is the process of our development until we can clothe all the egoistic desires that arise in us into an intention for the sake of bestowal. This is the path we must go through.

Currently, we are starting on it gradually. The most important thing is that each of us is ready to help the other. Because, in fact, this is what building oneself in the likeness of the Creator is. By helping others, we build ourselves in the likeness of the Creator. It is not like in our egoistic world. On the contrary, mutual bestowal, mutual help in spirituality is its own structure.
From the “Arava” Convention in Europe—Lithuania 2022, Lesson 2, 7/24/22

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