Dependence Is A Delicate Thing

Laitman_632.3Question: Although the coronavirus has helped us feel that we are connected, we do not understand how much we depend on each other. This is the whole paradox. How can we get out of this?

Answer: Indeed, a big problem is raised here. We understand that we are inevitably connected with each other, we are together in one system, and the virus acts on everyone, through one to another.

Moreover, this is visible not only in every separate region, but in all countries. There are no problems with communication today so we can learn about everything that is happening in the world.

Are we connected? Yes, but to feel dependence is a problem because it can be at different levels. It is very difficult for us to determine this.

In addition, connectedness is a scientific concept. We can study different connections: bad, good, whatever, because they are objective.

And in order to feel dependence, our subjective sensation already interferes. Maybe I would not want to feel dependent on someone or do not want others to feel dependent on me and make complaints. Therefore, dependence is a very delicate thing.

We must figure out how we are dependent on each other, how this dependence manifests itself, and what if we purposely influence each other in this way? Here, there are many opportunities for all kinds of conjectures and speculations.

Speaking of dependence, I understand that there can be no clear opinion and solid basis here, but there are always some additions from different people directed against each other.

Question: Does dependence always involve a lack of freedom? Is it possible to break out of this?

Answer: Dependence does not necessarily result in a lack of freedom. What matters is what one depends on. If I depend on the whole universe, know that I am a part of it, and voluntarily comply with the laws that exist in it, then I experience a feeling of eternity and perfection. Therefore, it does not suppress me and I do not pressure me that I am a part of it.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 5/25/20

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