Opening Myself To The Perception Of The Creator

laitman_237If we scrutinize the concept of Ein Sof (Infinity), we will see that this concept does not actually exist. It exists only in our desires, which are not yet stabilized.

By the concept of Ein Sof or limitlessness, we are referring to a state in which the light illuminates without restriction (Tzimtzum), and we are totally open to its impact. We usually give this example: If we fill a glass completely, it will be in a state of Ein Sof because in this state the glass does not limit the filling in any way. This means that Ein Sof, infinity, means without end, without limit. We need to reach this state and open ourselves to the perception of the Creator limitlessly.

How do we perceive the Creator inside us? We name everything that we attain within our limits according to the attributes that we operate within in order to perceive and understand something. This is the reason that we measure the Creator who fills us in a clear and very accurate manner according to size, volume, weight, and according to our desires; this is how we advance.

We always define the Creator in letters, which means according to the way we perceive Him in our attributes, and not according to who He actually is because He does not have any attributes and there is no specific attribute there. We say that He is the good that does good, that He fills and heals, which means that everything we feel inside of us comes from Him, but we cannot attain who He actually is.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 12/8/20

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