Why Is It So Difficult For Us To Understand That We Need To Change?

laitman_962.5Question: Nature immediately reacted to our isolation. People need to digest and understand this and then they will begin to change. Why is it difficult for a person to do this?

Answer: Egoism locks us in, and that is why I don’t hear, feel, or sense another person. To me, it is something that does not exist. Of course, I can somehow sympathize with him, but still, it isn’t him that I feel, but myself, my perception of him.

This is the problem. Because I feel everything egotistically, within myself, I transform my feelings upon the other and the other’s upon myself.

When we reach the level of perception of the world not with our current sense organs, but rise above them, i.e., we acquire the qualities of the integral world, we begin to perceive the world in a completely new form where time, distance, and movement do not matter, but only one integral system, which is called soul or Adam.

Starting to perceive the world in this way, from this time onward we will be guided by our abilities and actions in a different way.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 4/19/20

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