The Means To Attain The Creator

laitman_933Question: Kabbalists say that the sensation of the Creator is nothing more than the sensation of our connection with each other. Does this mean the Creator is revealed not inside of me, but in the connection between me and other people?

Answer: It is just an auxiliary tool for the Creator’s revelation. The fact is that the Creator is a bestowing, fulfilling, and developing force. He acts out of himself.

In order to feel Him, we need to develop a similar, adequate force that will bestow and fulfill. There is no such force in us. We only have the force to receive.

Therefore, the most important thing for attaining the Creator is creating the power of bestowal in ourselves, in addition to the power of receiving. At the same time, we do not change anything in ourselves, we remain as we are, we only supplement ourselves with other forces.

By developing the power of bestowal, we begin to feel everything according to the law of similarity to the Creator. As according to the law of similarity we feel what exists around us in our properties of receiving, in the same way we can feel the Creator in the properties of bestowal that we develop.

It is possible to form these properties only under certain conditions of connection between us when we gather together in groups and study Kabbalah, which explains to us how we can be interconnected. It is in this connection that we begin to build a system called the property of bestowal. Only it can catch the Creator’s property, and in it, as our new organ of sensation, we begin to feel Him.
From KabTV’s “The Essence of the Science of Kabbalah, Part 4” 11/12/18

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