Ask For What The Creator Wants To Give

laitman_962.7The Creator created the creation with the desire to enjoy, which is the opposite of the Creator. All inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature acts by instinct and cannot change anything. A person, however, is given the opportunity to change his nature if he finds a way to turn to the Creator and ask for it.

If a person organizes an environment through which he can receive desires that are opposite to his original nature, then he can formulate a need for the Creator and ask for the desire to bestow. The Creator will then give him a second nature so that he can use his desire to enjoy with the intention for the sake of bestowal. This is how a person becomes similar to the Creator.

The Creator receives pleasure when we demand from Him because His desire is to bestow: the more we receive from Him, the more we bestow to Him. We can give Him nothing except our desires which require fulfillment. However, it is necessary to ask only for the sake of the Creator’s enjoyment, then it is the correct intention. If I ask because I feel bad, then this is still an egoistic request.

The correct request is to ask for what the Creator wants to bestow to us. It is like a child who wants a ball, but he knows that he will bestow more pleasure to his father if he asks for an encyclopedia. However, the father feels his son thoroughly and cannot be deceived. Therefore, the son must enter the correct environment that will change his desires so that instead of playing football, he would be more interested in studying geography.

Then he will come to his father and ask for the book from the bottom of his heart, bestowing to him immense pleasure not through the book itself, but by the fact that he changed himself following his father’s example. The person’s entire work is to ask, but to ask for the correct things every time so that the Father will enjoy our request. This is called “to make your desire like His desire.”1

It is written: “My sons defeated Me.” This means that we must influence the Creator so that He will correct us all the time, draw us, and push us forward. However, one can influence the Creator only to the extent of similarity of properties. It is impossible to reach out to Him with shouts and requests—a connection between our properties is needed. Such properties appear only under the condition that I am in the correct environment, in the ten built on similarity to the Creator. If we transfer our desires for bestowal to the Creator, we receive the power to realize them from Him. This is how we come from love of created beings to the love of the Creator.2

If we raise the correct request to the Creator, then we begin to understand His answer, to appreciate what we receive from Him. Maybe I asked for a ball, like a child, and the father gave me a book on geography. I then see how much more useful the book is for me and how I should change in order to perceive it as a gift from the Creator and not be angry that I did not receive the ball. If I work correctly in the ten, I will see that the world is changing for the better for me.3

All matter is a desire to enjoy. Each element, every atom, wants to preserve itself, its structure, its nature, and its texture. Each particle exists due to the fact that it resists its destruction. In order to split a tiny elementary particle, people build huge installations, colliders. It takes a lot of energy to split a particle and see what it consists of. This shows what a strong desire to enjoy is instilled in each particle by the Creator. In the effort to split elementary particles, we are essentially studying what the Creator has put inside creation.

The simpler the material, the stronger is its desire to enjoy. The more matter develops, the more complicated this desire becomes, and therefore, it weakens and can no longer maintain itself. That is why the heaviest elements begin to emit energy, radiation, and decompose.

The most dead, primitive particle, has the greatest strength received from the Creator. Therefore, the more developed a person is, the more doubts and problems, ups and downs, he has. However, if he freezes himself at the inanimate level, he does not worry about anything and continues today just as yesterday.4
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/8/19, Writings of Baal HaSulam, Shamati, Article 115 “Still, Vegetative, Animate, and Speaking”
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