The Source Of All The Forces Of Nature

laitman_753Question: Who is the Creator?

Answer: The Creator is the upper force that includes in itself all the other forces of the world.

Question: It is written in the original sources: “It is impossible to understand the Creator without having experienced Him.” Is this right?

Answer: Yes, because everything we understand, we learn from sensations—like a child who puts everything in his mouth in order to touch, to feel. For him, taste is the most important receptor, the most important organ of sensation. In the same way, we should experience everything in our five senses including sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste.

When we feel something in them, it all assembles into a precise system and all our sciences originate from it. In addition, we complement our senses with tools that expand the range of our natural sensory organs: binoculars, microscopes, telescopes, etc.

However, there are forces in the universe that our senses do not perceive. The science of Kabbalah lets us develop an additional organ of sensation that includes the same five senses, but on a different level.

Exploring their nature, we reveal their common source, called “the Creator,” and begin to attain how they affect us, how they determine all conditions, forces, and circumstances in which we exist. Then, we already study the system of forces that determines our life.

So begins the conscious existence of man, when we already know what has been, what will be, why it has been and why it will be, whether we can change something in the future, etc. That is, life becomes not only conscious, but also manageable. This is the subject and the purpose of the science of Kabbalah.
From KabTV’s “The Essence of the Science of Kabbalah, Part 3” 11/12/18

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