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The receiving of the Torah took place at the foot of Mount Sinai, i.e., in the lowest state of man. And when one agrees to remain in that state, without asking for anything in return, with joy, although he feels incomplete, he receives the light that reforms—#Torah.

Separation from the Creator manifests to the extent that there is egoism.
When all of one’s intentions are to bestow, one deems oneself nothing, that there is only the Creator’s authority, and one wishes only to bestow everything to Him. Hence one receives everything—in order to give the intention of bestowal, to delight the Creator, over what one receives.

If one wishes to delight the Creator, he must increase bestowal, meaning increase the Creator’s greatness in order to annul oneself more and act only for the Creator’s sake. That is, one must acquire faith, which manifests to the extent of the Creator’s greatness in him and pushes him toward bestowal, giving fulfillment in bestowal.

The Creator created a desire the size of a black point in infinite white light. The white light symbolizes the Creator’s greatness, while the black point symbolizes the size of creation. However, if creation properly evaluates the Creator’s greatness and wishes to fill Him, its point develops to the proportion of the white light.
From Twitter, 4/2/19

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