Small Efforts, Huge Corrections

laitman_962.3The person’s work consists of revealing the Creator who is concealed because of our broken desires. We have to correct our qualities, make them similar to the Creator’s qualities, meaning, prepare them for His revelation. This is how we bring Him pleasure and also realize the purpose of creation and of our lives.

We already exist in the field of the Creator, but in order for us to feel it, we have to begin with the action called subjugation. To do so, one must reduce his egoistic desire to nothing and agree with all that is happening, understanding that it is given to us for our own good. Nothing exists in this world besides the upper light. This is how we begin to establish contact with the Creator.

Subjugation lets us enter into connection with the Creator and begin to develop, enhance, and broaden it in all directions, eventually achieving full revelation of the Creator and adhesion with Him. Subjugation is the first condition in order to achieve contact with the field of the upper light that we exist in without even realizing it.1

Why is it that we cannot just study, but must spend the majority of our time on material concerns, day jobs, etc., and resolve all sorts of corporeal problems?

Applying even the smallest effort to connect, we perform major corrections in the world because we perform them in conditions of terrible confusion. Fake news, advertisements, fears, and worry about everything that is happening in the world, plunging stock prices in the stock-market, falling bombs are perpetual problems. And all of it is done so that we can exert efforts in the midst of this mess and correct the world.

In the conditions of such disorder, huge turmoil, and obstacles, when we are able to exert even a smallest effort toward correction, it is counted as a huge contribution. Therefore, we cannot feel that the world interferes with our spiritual work; on the contrary, it helps us. If we had ideal conditions, free from all material concerns, we would never be able to correct anything in spirituality.

A long time ago, Kabbalists sat and secretly studied in solitude. But that was just a preparation. The further we move toward general, true correction, the more disorderly the world will become and the Kabbalists will have more and more problems. The chaos in the world works in our favor because if we exert small efforts while in the states of all these disturbances, they are counted as tremendous and produce significant corrections.2
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/10/19, Surrender (Subjugation)
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