Why Does The Creator Need Contentment?

laitman_600.01Question from Facebook: Why does the Creator need contentment? Isn’t He self-sufficient?

Answer: The same can be said about parents and children. You are connected with your children, you gave birth to them, they are very important to you. This is natural and it comes to us from the Creator in accordance with His attitude toward us.

Question: But isn’t our task to return this, to give Him contentment?

Answer: If a child correctly understands how to treat his or her parents, then he must act so that the parents will receive pleasure from him. And then he certainly will not be mistaken, because he otherwise will not have guidelines in this life. Therefore, setting himself up to give pleasure to his parents, he will always act in the most optimal way for himself.

And so are we with the Creator: giving Him contentment is a guideline to do the right thing for ourselves.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 6/5/18

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