How Can One Sense That The Creator Is Enjoying?

laitman_527_03Question: How can we sense that the Creator is enjoying our actions?

Answer: For this you have to sense the Creator. Then you will sense how much He enjoys what you do.

In essence, you have to believe that if you are looking for Him, trying to find the source in everything that is happening with you, this already brings pleasure to Him. After all, you are searching for Him.

Whatever you do, whether you in your thoughts, actions, or aspirations, you should catch yourself at every thought, every action, and every desire even before they appear within you that it was an action from the Creator that triggered this consequence in you. Try to capture Him this way. Then you will start sensing.

However, this path will not result in success unless you do this in a group. This is because the increase of strength, search, and similarity can be achieved only through the connection with others.
From the Convention In Prague, Day One 9/10/16, Lesson 2

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