The Power Of Mutual Guarantee

laitman_943Rabash, “The Love of Friends – 1”: This trail is called “a path of bestowal,” and this way is against our nature. To be able to achieve it, there is no other way but [in a group where there is] love of friends, by which everyone can help his friend [to move forward along this path].

Nobody in the group can advance by himself and cannot advance with the help of others. Spiritual advancement means that a person helps the group and thus develops the quality of bestowal and love in oneself.

The group helps a person with alternative actions so that a person can give, influence, fulfill, care for, and support one’s friends. At the same time, a person develops spiritual qualities.

Question: What is the role of mutual guarantee in this process?

Answer: Mutual support because a person does not have strength of his own.

Mutual guarantee works even in people who do not realize this and do not use it consciously. Friends working in a group and taking part in classes and in all events are already using this force anyway. Even if not explicitly, not clearly directed, but mutual guarantee already works for them.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 2/1/18

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