The Transition Of Society To A New Quality

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News ( “Changing the phases of development in the chain, “Archaic Tradition, Modern, Postmodern” means the transition of society to a new quality. It occurs when a new phase ripens in the depths of the old one. That is, the story is an ongoing process, just from time to time, we note that the world has a fundamentally different.

“You should also be aware that there is a change in the phase of development in the world simultaneously. Some countries – ahead of others are drawn to them. Because the lagging have only three choices: become slaves to the leaders, somehow keep up with the leaders to preserve a certain independence, throw a challenge to the leader on the basis of an alternative model of the future.

“In each country different people and social groups ‘enter’ a new phase at different times. Someone is still in the old system cost, while others – mentally. The recognition of the changes lags behind the changes. …

“Currently there is a transition from the industrial phase to the next. It is called ‘post-industrial.’ But some argue that the post-industrial phase, has already passed, and moved to another. And they bring dozens of different names for it. You could say that it is – a question of terminology. …

“The term ‘industrialization’ does not imply ambiguity. That is – most people move from rural to urban areas for mass industrial production. Regardless of whether you personally like the results of this production or not.

“What do we see today? Developed countries have destroyed their industry, and transferred production to poor countries, industrialization is not yet past. In the backward agrarian countries are unspent resources for modernization. These are people who are willing to work for pennies in the city only for the opportunity to not live in a traditional village, with its hellish work. …

“The West led the production in poor countries, leaving behind control through financial and technological superiority

“In the transition from industrialism to post-industrialism many in manufacturing will simply will not be needed. And many others require renovation. Then we have to release people from outdated industries and retrain them for a new part of the economy, and some will have to adapt to a different type of existence. The automated economy needs a few highly qualified specialists. The rest will be unemployed.

“In this scheme, financial capitalism is not working. As has been explained many times by Mikhail Khazin. You can not control the people with money, when some people work, while others receive benefits free of charge. As a consequence, there is no need to build consumer and release huge amounts of unnecessary goods. …

“This post-industrialism will come when financial capitalism is eliminated. When it collapses. Then power over people will be on the senses:  things with  cultural, religious, and  ideological significance. There will be a key factor in the change of domination – it will mean a real transition to a new phase of development. …

“Soon after the financial collapse, moderation and temperance in all things, as regards consumption will become the mainstream propaganda. People will consume only what they really need.”

My Comment: Everything fits the Kabbalistic model of the future society, with the exception of the social structure and control; there will be a society of people who are mutually connected through good relationships and the commitment to continuously improve the connections between them. In this way, they will discover the upper world between them under the leadership and guidance of the Kabbalistic method.

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