We Need To Build The New World Together

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (M Delyagin, Ph.D Economy, manager, Institute on World Problems): “In our day the general collapse that we have become accustomed to and the global economic crisis masks the transition of humanity to a qualitatively new state.

“If in the past we have transformed the surrounding world, so now we are transforming our perception of this world. The motivations of society have changed: People are beginning to consciously sacrifice their interests for emotions.  

“The nations have taken a submissive stance in relation to global business Because of the high productivity of Information Technology, a decreasing number of people are required for the production of necessary products.

“The result will be the social elimination of the middle class.

“This eliminates traditional democracy, the market economy, market relations; profit will cease to be used as a substitute for the meaning of life.

“So the West found a temporary solution to remove the ‘excess’ population. But this decision, due to its lack of humanity, could only be temporary.

“We must build a new world together, because the old one has already ended.”

My Comment: We are beginning to understand that we are found in the network of the laws of nature that also manages society and leads it towards a singular new state. Essentially a human is a “desire to fill himself with pleasure,” and he exists for this. This is the law of our egoistic development: Today money buys and manages everything. But this law has already been replaced by another.  

At the end of technological development, in order to supply all human demands, the participation of 2-3% of the society will be required. The result—the elimination of the social middle class. And not just the average and in general all those who are not strong, then the strong and “eat” each other … unless disclosure of the natural law does not lead them to the realization that it is necessary to change society in compliance with it.

Therefore, the West found a temporary solution to the disposal of the “excess” population. But this solution because of its brutality can only be temporary.  It refers to the encouraging people not to marry, family breakdown, the availability of drugs, and so on.

We will together build a new world, because the old has ended. It is important to first understand that it is necessary not to build on the old patterns, but on those nature shows us. It was stated thousands of years ago in the wisdom of Kabbalah and has been waiting for the moment of its implementation.

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