The Age Of Adaptation

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum):

“The post-crisis era is over, and the ‘post-post-crisis world’ is upon us. It is time to adopt a new framework of realistic solutions that promote shared prosperity within the global economy of today and tomorrow.

“In this new era, economic growth will occur more slowly – but potentially more sustainably – than it did before the crisis. And technological change will be its driving force.

“The pace of change has been accelerated by the interconnected nature of today’s world. Technological progress is occurring within a complex and deeply integrated ecosystem, meaning that it simultaneously affects economic structures, governments, security arrangements, and people’s daily lives.

“In order to prepare a country to reap the benefits of rapid, far-reaching change, policymakers must account for the entirety of the ecosystem in which it is taking place, ensuring that government, business, and society all adjust to every shift. In other words, competing in the twenty-first century economy will require relentless adaptation.”

My Comment: The changes will positively manifest in us only if we become like them, i.e., will take care to meet them in an integral society. Otherwise, we will be forced to change to more positive relationships with each other, and we will perceive this enforcement as great suffering.

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