Breaking The Deadlock

laitman_424_01Question: About twenty years ago, I came to you to make a short film plot about the wisdom of Kabbalah. I wasn’t thinking about anything that was connected to the meaning of life. I didn’t have a thought that I would stay with you.

I came; I saw that there was nothing to film. There were no red strings. There was no holy water. There was no Star of David. You came, you sat down, you began to speak, and from the fourth sentence, I had the feeling I was—at home.

But I know that everything was different for you: the desire to understand the meaning of life burned in you. How does this happen to a person?

Answer: It depends. Each has his own story.

But basically, if you remember your childhood, we all wondered about the meaning of life: “What are people living for? What happens with them after death?”—and so on.

Little children often ask this question. But then it fades, especially when hormonal development begins overwhelming everything. After some time, the question about the meaning of life sometimes begins to appear from time to time.

But in our world, the higher management does not expect we will be caught in such matters. So it pushes us through suffering and lack of meaning in life.

We are at an impasses that was determined deliberately by the higher management of our world. If we open books of Kabbalah that were written even 4,000 to 5,000 years ago, it is written that the world will come to its dead end at the end of the 20th century or the beginning of the 21st century. Our time specifically must become the entry for attaining the upper world for all of humanity.

Question: Does this mean that you think this dead end is good?

Answer: What else would obligate a person to invest effort and rise above himself? Only a dead end. Otherwise, we will remain on the same beastly level of development. But this is not the plan of nature.

We can survive in the current state for another few decades, but there is absolutely no need for this because these would be years of intense suffering, turmoil, anxiety, worry, and feelings of worthlessness, and death will seem like salvation.

If we do not make this breakthrough, the world will undergo enormous sufferings. After all, they are intended to push us to the next higher level. And if we don’t make this breakthrough, then suffering will do it for us.

Question: What good are explanations if the world still goes on its way?

Answer: No, this is not so. A program of creation exists that becomes materialized in life. Our entire evolution is described in the books of Kabbalah, beginning from the inception of the Earth billions of years ago to the present day.

Long before Darwin and other scientists and philosophers, the Kabbalists wrote that the world is evolving according to a particular program. Now, this program has arrived at the end of its physical realization.

In fact, we have chosen everything that we needed to do, so science, culture, family, and everything that a person is involved with in our world has reached a dead end. It is specifically this impasse that must push us upward.

Question: If everything was planned from the start, why should one make an effort?

Answer: It is so that we would advance forward by ourselves and rapidly attain the goal of creation through attaining wisdom, not out of necessity like beasts running away from suffering that drives them from behind. So then our ascent to the next level will be desirable and joyful.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/20/15

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