In Search Of A Common Language

laitman_547_06Question: Why should I correct myself and reject my nature?

Answer: It says that the Creator created the evil inclination. That is, we originially received the evil nature, egoistic desire that refuses to connect with others.

This is the reason that every person in the world thinks only about himself and doesn’t care about others—that is out nature.

Why should we correct ourselves? The reason is very simple: we are in the program of creation, of the process that leads us to connection and unity, whether we want to or not.

The entire process of our evolution throughout our history leads us only to increasingly greater unity. We see the consequences of this process as the world is becoming global and we find ourselves all mutually connected. The entire world is becoming one small global village.

We depend on one another. See what is happening in Europe and in the Far East. Who could have predicted that hundreds of thousands of people would suddenly leave their homes and swarm from Afghanistan to France? This was impossible in the past, but in our modern world, yes.

No one can stop the masses of refugees. It could be very simple to stop them with an army and that’s that, but you cannot do that. The world has become round and will not accept this. You will not be allowed to do anything against them.

We don’t understand the world we are in yet and the extent to which we depend on one another. No one can do whatever he feels like. The question is what we should do in this case.

According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, we are in a situation where nature is pushing us into a ring. The earth is becoming a very small crowded place that ties us together by rigid interdependence, thus becoming a very dangerous place.

A century ago, only three billion people lived on this planet, while today there are about eight billion people, which means that the world population has more than doubled. What will happen in another hundred years, if anything will exist by then?

Therefore we must understand that we have no choice and that we must find a common language. Nature is pushing us into a corner, into a dead end, and is forcing us to find a solution. We see that the EU has led to a complete collapse.

European countries cannot find a common language, and the reason for that is that Israel, the Jews, the ones who have the method of connection and unity, are not realizing it, not by themselves and not by conveying it to the rest of the world so that it could be used correctly.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM 9/20/15

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