Different Attributes: Moses And Korach

Laitman_076Korach is the leader of the attribute of criticism in a person who believes that it is possible to perform spiritual actions of correction and to ascend to the level that is equal to the Creator, which means to enter the land of Israel, to a state in which a person discovers the upper force of nature and is in contact with it, in adhesion.

The attribute of Korach in us believes that it is possible to attain this state in an easier and shorter way than Moses proposes, without afflictions and without many problems, without the terrible suffering and death in the desert.

But the nation is facing 40 years of serious work of getting closer to one another. There is no doubt that they will die during this time, and they are doomed to suffer during the whole 40 years and then die at the end near the border of the land of Israel.

But Korach still claims that it is possible to skip this level. He is a great man who understands everything and being in his attribute, he sees (and he believes that what he sees is true) that Moses is wrong, just as he has mislead the spies. What’s next?!

It is very hard to express yourself. You should either reach the highest state now, called the land of Israel, and attain the attribute of bestowal, the end of correction, mutual love with the Creator, as the whole upper world is revealed before you and you can operate there according to the spiritual laws or you must die because of your incompatibility with the upper world.

Why is it impossible to correct this incompatibility? If the spies had decided to enter the land of Israel no matter what, everything would have been okay. The people would have followed them and they would have easily overcome all the obstacles without any wars. War is necessary only in order to beat us and to raise us to the next level, to reveal our readiness and nothing more than that.

Korach believes that as a leader Moses is responsible for everything. From his perspective Moses hasn’t prepared the people correctly and so the children of Israel can follow a different way.

This problem has no solution because the attribute of Malchut (Korach) and the attribute of Bina (Moses) are opposite from one another and cannot be integrated. Although Korach is a great man and is on a level close to Moses, these attributes are very different.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 5/20/15

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