The Real Crisis Is Not In Finance, But In Our Attitudes

a-new-years-wish-to-the-worldAn editorial in the news (translated from Even supposing that the crisis will soon be over, there still won’t be enough work for everyone. People are buying fewer products because they have less money, and in addition, a person without work is a dangerous thing. The only solution is for people all over the world to change their value system and their notions of what they are willing to pay money for.

The crisis is making us realize what is of true value in the 21st century. It is preparing us to change our life values, and to understand the new values for which we are willing to pay money.

If the world’s richest people were to gather and form a world government based on these new values, then the world structure could change. But apparently, such an intent cannot appear without a crisis.

People’s consciousness doesn’t change in conditions of comfort. Stress, or a crisis, is necessary. Everyone needs it – whether they are workers, the middle class, retirees, or homeless – in order to ask themselves the main question: What are the new values that are important to me today?

I have yet to find one person who could give me a straight answer of what to do. Managing the crisis lies not in changing the situation in the external world – since all of this is just vanity of vanities, but the change needs to occur in the human consciousness. That is where all the roots and causes are found.

My Comment: People are already guessing that the crisis is not in finance, but in the need to change our general attitude toward life, ourselves, the world, and Nature. The problem is that we understand that we need to change, but we don’t know how and what to change, and we won’t find these things out by ourselves. We will keep receiving blows, but we won’t know how to evade them correctly.

Nature demands that we rise to the “human” level, which is a level we know nothing about because its qualities are opposite to our current level.

We will develop and eventually recognize the evil of our level, but on our own we will never be able to understand how to shift from evil to good, because this transition involves a new consciousness and new qualities on our part. That is why Kabbalah is being revealed today, as it is the science about revealing our next level.

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  1. I live in a rural area and the neighborhood is composed of many retired persons in small homes. All the homes are well kept but modest. Nobody is suffering for lack of basics. In each home there are two empty bedrooms that is 28 empty rooms on this lane. Ninety percent of these homes are already paid for so there is no huge mortgage or overwhelming cost. Each neighbor has at least one single relative who is homeless. The only reason they cannot live with their relatives is that there is a lack of mature love. Families won’t even reach out to their own relatives. If they received a tax credit for taking someone in , we would see some results, but it wouldn’t solve the interpersonal selfishness. Even homeless people feel they need a place of their own. This sense of me, mine and ownership is beyond all reason.I conscientiously object to ownership but people just think I’m crazy.

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