The World Of Infinity Is Here, But We Are Indifferent To It

infinityOut of all reality, I perceive only the things that are worthwhile for me, from the standpoint of profit or loss. Everything else I do not perceive. I may be surrounded by thousands of other things, but I remain indifferent to them all. And if I am indifferent, I simply don’t see them.

In this regard, a person does not have to change in any way, or transform himself into a “winged angel.” He only has to annul his limitations and open up his senses so as to see, hear and sense the world that exists outside him. And that is done by perceiving everything “for the benefit of others.”

Then you will truly sense the world outside yourself, and exist in the World of Infinity. But where is this World of Infinity? Is it behind some star or galaxy? No. It is here and now.

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  1. nice post! It is true that The World Of Infinity Is Here, But We Are Indifferent To It. We remain too much involved in our thoughts that we miss the reality around us continuously. We should bring greater mindfulness in our day to day activities. It would bring greater happiness and joy in our life.

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